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Interesting Facts About Michigan - Michigan Facts

Interesting Facts About Michigan

interesting facts about michiganThere are many interesting facts about Michigan. Michigan's total population is 9,500,200 residing in 58,572 square miles. Some of the major ones are Detroit, Flint, Grand Rapids, Ann Arbor, and Lansing, which is Michigan's capital. The Highest recorded temperature was 112F and the lowest -51F.

Michigan is the first state in the Union to have outlawed affirmative action for college admission.

Windsor, Ontario is south of Detroit, Michigan, and is separated by the Detroit River. Windsor marks the only border crossing where entering the mainland United States from Canada involves traveling north.

The Detroit-Windsor international border is the busiest border between the United States and Canada.

Michigan is simultaneously known for its cities, supported by heavy industry, and its pristine wilderness, home to more than 11,000 lakes. The clang and clamor of Metro Detroit's crowded thoroughfares and busy factories stand in vivid counterpoint to the tranquility found in virtually every corner of the state.

An individual from Michigan is called a "Michigander" or "Michiganian". Also at times, but rarely, a "Michiganite".

The canal and locks at Lake Huron were opened in 1855.

Michigan is nicknamed the "Great Lakes State", and also the "Wolverine State", from a nickname earned during the Toledo War.

Michigan has around 150 lighthouses, the most of any U.S. state. The first lighthouses in Michigan were built between 1818 and 1822. They were built to project light at night and to serve as a landmark during the day to safely guide the passenger ships and freighters traveling the Great Lakes. See Lighthouses in the United States.

The first soda pop made in the U.S., Vernor's ginger ale, was created by accident in 1866 in Detroit.

The world's largest registered Holstein dairy herd is in Elsie.

Michigan has the most registered boats (over 1 million) of any state in the Union.

Michigan is home to the Soo Locks, the world's busiest lock system, and the Mackinac and Ambassador Bridges, each formerly the world's longest suspension bridge.

Michigan has six international crossings with Ontario, Canada:

- International Bridge (Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan and Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario)
- Blue Water Bridge, a twin-span bridge (Port Huron, Michigan and Point Edward, Ontario, but the larger city of Sarnia, Ontario is usually referred to on the Canadian Side
- Detroit-Windsor Tunnel
- Ambassador Bridge - Canadian Pacific Railway tunnel
- Detroit-Windsor Truck Ferry (Detroit, Michigan and Windsor, Ontario) A second international bridge is currently under development between Detroit, Michigan and Windsor, Ontario. Detroit River International Crossing Study Website

Michigan's 2004 commemorative quarter featured the outline of the state and the surrounding lakes.

Michigan is a leading state in the ownership of recreational boats and in the sale of hunting and fishing licenses.

The Great Lakes account for one-fifth of the world's surface freshwater supply.

Michigan has approximately 40 ski resorts.

Michigan forestland covers more than 52 percent of the state at 18.5 million acres.

Michigan has the largest State Forest system in the nation.

Michigan has 4 National Forests. The Manistee, Hiawatha, Ottawa, and Huron, although the Manistee and Huron are administratively combined.

Its stone is Petoskey, and its state tree is the White Pine.

Michigan's flower is the Apple Blossom.

Did you know that Michigan's state bird is the Robin?

Michigan is the 11th largest state of the United States, and it was the 26th state to become part of the United States.

Its shoreline is longer than every other state except Alaska.

Michigan produces many useful products. The products that are produced in factories are; automobiles, transportation equipment, fabricated metals, machinery, plastics, and office furniture.

Many famous and interesting people grew up in Michigan. Henry Ford grew up there. He was the inventor of the automobile. The first automobile was driven in Michigan. Tomas Edison moved to Michigan at a very young age. You also know he invented the first electrical light. Charles Lindburgh lived in Michigan. He was the first person to fly across the Atlantic Ocean alone.

Michigan is home to more public golf courses than any other state.

Michigan has 116 lighthouses and navigational lights.

Henry Ford, who produced his first experimental car in 1893, founded the Ford Motor Company in 1903.

Michigan has more than 4,000 miles of snowmobile trails.

The soda beverage Vernors was invented in Michigan

Because of their high concentration of confectionery shops, Northern Michigan residents often refer to tourists as "Fudgies".

Faygo was founded in Detroit on November 4, 1907.

Michigan is the largest producers of cherries of all the states.

Michigan ranks 1st in the nation in the number of registered snowmobiles.

Michigan ranks 3rd in the nation in licensed hunters at over 750,000.